Target: LKR 2 billion

Raised LKR 250 million

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Why They Donated:
Dilooshi, Ananda and Ovinya
Because we care.. It\'s our pleasure to have been able to contribute to this good cause. We hope and pray that these little hearts will beat stronger as each day passes with the generous support from more and more donors...
Sarath Ramanayaka
to help a worthy cause
Seshan Kavinda
Save lives 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Staff of Eco Power Holdings Ltd - Narahenpita
To safe the future of ours
Phillip Mahappattabandige
I am kindly desperate to help every kid suffered from heart diseases to bringing their life back, and also, once they are getting better, they can spend time with their family.
Karthiyayini Sivarasa
Part of my first month salary 🤗
Sanduni Prasadika
For Sanduni\'s 24th Birthday
Damith Hasantha
Healthiness is the greatest gift ever
Chamika Gunawardhana
To save lives
Iresha Dolawaththa
Every child is my child
Dewni Hiranya Senevirathne
I wanted to donate on my 14th birthday so that another heart will be able to celebrate his / her 14th, one day once this become a reality.
Online Shopping Center Udugama
It is our responsibility and humanity. We should help others as we can do.
Anjana Sirisena
For loving memories of my late father Mr.A.Sirisena I donated to Little heart project on his birthday 30 Sep... He will be happy from wherever he is now for contributing to this super grate project.... I can not recover from his lost, I am still grieving, but this donation helps me a little to cheer me up amidst of all these sad feelings...
Dhammika Widanapathirana
In remerence of my father, who passed away 11 years ago.
Isuru Wijerathna
It\'s Our Responsibility
Amila Madhushan
If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.
irunar ♥️
To save a life ? & May these things strengthen our love ♥️
Ranjith Halwatura
In loving memory of my father...
UAL Actuarial & Data Analytics Team
We care for the lives of these little ones. Better you than me. Get well soon.
Sehanya Lekamwasam
To save a life of a little child..!
Dilini Wettewe
To save a Life..
Udaya Hettiarachchi
To save a Life..
Access Projects (Pvt) Ltd
To save lives
Loyola College - Negombo
We know the value of a LIFE
Rinuda Akein Mendis
In memory of my son Rinuda who left us after 07 months.May he attain Nibbana!
Christi Nuwan
Our 2 year anniversary
Kevan Ayuka Jayathunga
Because my 5 months old kid died due to congenital heart disease.May him rest in peace and may him attain supreme \'\'Nibbana\'\' .
Nishani Jayaratne
for my birthday
Shashika Kuranage
I wanted to join and save one of the little hearts in our country Sri Lanka??♥️♥️♥️
Thambaru Wijesekara
The worth of a life can\'t be measured, specially the happiness of the lil one\'s parents. Not a big donation but doing the best because it matters!
Baby Airshwanna Prasanna
For her first birthday
Himalee Arunatilaka
in celebration of my mother Sumana Weerasekera\'s birthday on 1st September.
Sajeewani Amarasinghe
To save little lives
Gateway College Dehiwala
The annual commerce day of Gateway College Dehiwala was organized by the business club on 6 th of February 2018, enlightened by the theme ‘Little Hands for Little Hearts’. It was organized in the form of a ‘Trade Fair’ where the students had the opportunity to set up their own stalls and trade. The objective of this fair was to give students an understanding about the social responsibility of businesses. In that light, students were encouraged to donate a percentage of profits from their stalls to raise the funds needed for the ‘Little Hearts’ project. Being so excited about this worthy cause, the students have set up more than 40 types of stalls including food, books, Live Gaming, Cakes, Face Painting, Photo Booths and etc. At the end, a total of Rs. 130,000 was received as the generous contributions from our students and was donated to ‘Little Hearts’. The ‘Commerce Fair’ was concluded by the distribution of awards to the best stalls. Our students learnt that “Business is not only for profit but also for nation building”.
Tharanga Amaranayake
For my late father Siril Bandula Amaranayake
Tharushi Kaumudi
want to save a life
ruwan a
Sumith Rajapaksha
In the name of my mother (late ) Mrs. P.S.Wijewickrema
Sri Lanka High Commission Canberra Australia
This is a truly a noble cause to donate
Lakmi Muthumala
I had my heart operation when I was 7 month. I able to recoverd as my parents had money so I want to help little heart like me. Please do your donation for these little heart.
Welcome to Sri Lankan School Muscat Every child attains the right to survive and to be protected.
Regal Computers and Printers
To save children\'s lives and to help their parents
Rami 🙂
AdCar is a vehicle advertising platform. We pledged to donate minimum of 5% from all of our campaigns. This donation is first among many to come. SVR-000000016608009
University of Peradeniya - Faculty Of Engineering, E02A Batch
This fund allows us to make directed donations toward addressing the essential medical needs of children living with heart conditions from all across Sri Lanka as our contributions greatly accelerate the construction process of this hospital for survival of these children, to give them a life.
Geethmal Rajakaruna
Always do good to the people!
Devi Past Pupils Association (UK)
Devi Past Pupils Association(UK) made this donation in memory of late Mrs Kalyani de Zoysa who was the well respected and much loved Principal of Devi Balika from 1967 to 1985.
Ayumi Meewala
We donated to celebrate our little daughter Ayumi\'s 1st birthday. Hope this helps save many little hearts.
Little Feather
\"Encouraging gods to heal many more needy children in the same manner they healed my child\"
Musaeus College Batch of 1987
We are past pupils of Musaeus College, together celebrating our friendships over many years. We would like to see this hospital built as soon as possible to help \"Little Hearts\" in need. Our best wishes for this worthy project.
young sammy
every lives matter..!!
Regal Computers and Printers
To save children\'s life and help their parents.
Global Trading Inc.
All of us are pleased to be part of this worthy cause, and to bring back the smile on little harts and their loved once.....
Randima Ranasinghe
To save little children.
Rajindra Abeywickrama
In memory of my parents.
Dilan Fernando
On behalf of our little daughter\'s first birthday. We wish this project to be a successful one. God bless all the people who have donated and actively taking part in this project.
Sri Lankan Seafarers
Collective effort of Sri Lankan Maritime Industry towards better future for the little ones who needed help.
(Late)Mr. Walter De Silva
Remembrance of Late Mr. Walter De Silva Donated by His Children
S. Rajakaruna
On behalf of my grand daughter Nisali\'s first birthday on 18 June 2017
R.M.K. Wijesinghe
On behalf of my daughter Nisali\'s first birthday on 18 June 2017
S. Rajakaruna
On behalf of my grand daughter Nisali\'s first birthday on 18 June 2017
R.M.K. Wijesinghe
On behalf of my daughter Nisali\'s first birthday on 18 June 2017
Geethmal Rajakaruna
It\'s a big hand to the children who are suffering.
CodiPhi Solutions
To help innocent children in need.
Geethmal Rajakaruna
I care about lives
Chandranee Silva
I loved to help for children always.
Dimuthu Thilini Fernando
This is my 2nd donation for this worthy cause and I humbly request every possible person, organization give your maximum support.
Anjana Madhushani Wanniachchi Kankanamalage
We owe our Dearest Niece (Vethmi Kisalya Wanniachchi Kankanamalage) Our Eternal Love and the Promise that We do donations to save many lives of little children on behalf of our little angel. May the soul of Vethmi Kisalya be at peace and well-deserved rest.
To rescue little angels
Givantha Haputhanthri
To support a good cause and save the little hearts
Tharanganie Jayasinghearachchi
My second son got ill from his birth and still I feel his pain. So I do not want any mother or father to suffer like that. That\'s why I contribute this activity as I can.
V. Jayasinghe.
To help little hearts project
Rose de Silva Foundation
To support this wonderful cause...and enable the success of this significant project, in our own small way.
Rehan Mohomed
Big or small donation, doesn\'t matter. Any contribution we can do will be better. Behalf of my village hospital (Lady Ridgeway Hospital) who served millions.
M.G.Manoj Thushara Wimalarathne
It is a great opportunity to take a part of such a great cause like this and hope to continue with regular contributions till the successful achievement of this project.
Amila Mendis
Those lives are our future We must save them as a Sri Lankans.
Janaka Priyadarshana
To save a life.....
Brian Miron Ranasinghe
Help to make comfortable these little ones life,
Brian Miron Ranasinghe
Help to make comfortable these little ones life,
Umanga Sandaruwan Wijesinghe
Help each other whatever have in your hand and make a better place for needy children
Roshan Karunarathna
\"If the money i donate helps one child or can ease the pain of one parent,That is my ultimate pleasure\"
ශිරෝමි විදානගමගේ
To save little hearts
Shiromi vidanagamage
To save little hearts.
weragoda & Irine Abeypala
Worthy cause
weragoda & Irine Abeypala
Worthy cause
J.B. Sumathipala
I am donating on behalf of my father \"John Bartholomuse Sumathipala\". It has been a year since he passed away. may he attain to nibbana. And this little donation may help to build hope for children with heart diseases.
Wathsala Mendis
To wish my little nephew Kisal and all the children in Sri Lanka a safe, healthy and happy childhood
Gayan Premathilake
We need to save our little gang
Gayan Premathilake
Nimal Bandara Fiber Mill
Creative Software
To change the fate of thousands of children and their families nationwide, Creatives decided to donate their one-day salaries to Little Hearts. By making this small sacrifice, we managed to raise 1,094,215 rupees! Realising that a little goes a long way, we invite you to join us! Let\'s do this together for our country and our people. Watch our Fb video to see why Creatives donated:
Gayan Kaushalya
We need to save our little gang
Rusandu Devnija Wickramage
As a charity for Rusandu\'s First Birthday
Jeong Wook Seo
Congratulations! I wish a successful support, well cure and care.
Ishanya & Nisheli Manawadu
Help little once
R.D.DE.S Weththamuny
For Little Hearts
Uththara Wasanthatilake
Matath innawa punchi nangi kenek. eyata dn awruddai wayasa. ipadenakota \"Hadawathe sidiru dekak\" hethuwen eyata wayasa masa hayak pamana wana wita Lady Ridgeway Hospital eke surgery ekak kala. eyata dn hodai. eth eya Autism rogiyek. Mage punchi \'Sara Nangi\' wage Hadawath siduru nisa duk widina asarana punchi nangila mallila (Daruwo) wenuwen mata heki ayurin udaw kireeme aramunen hema masakama punchi ho mudalak parithyaga kireemai mage aramuna....
Dayathree Perera
It is our responsibility as humans.
vishva rathnayaka
For our future leaders.....
Sameera Weerakoon
We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give
7th Batch_Fac of Engineering_UOR
For the sake of rescuing cute smiley lives on this meritorious land.
Nishantha Indika Bandara
To Save A Life and Make Child\'s Parents Happy!!!!!!! It Makes My Heart Happy. 🙂
J.A Anil Jayakody
Save Our Little Ones for Our Country ..
Jayani Wasana
On behalf of my loving father who is a heart patient ❤❤❤
sudeeraka yatawara
To save our future
Darshana Leelarathna
Malli\'s Birthday
To rescue little angels
Sanjeewa Wijayakumara
Little Hearts