Target: LKR 5.7 billion

Raised LKR 4.5 billion

About the Cause

We – the concerned citizens of Sri Lanka – initiated this campaign with the support of Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians to gather funds to expedite the construction of Lady Ridgeway Hospital’s Cardiac and Critical Care Complex which will allow the hospital to provide timely treatment to all of our children in need.

The Cardiac and Critical Care Complex is a government-approved project deemed a national priority. If we go through the usual process, large projects like these often take several years to over a decade to complete,

while as you are reading this, thousands of little hearts are beating weaker and weaker…

By joining hands as a nation, we can greatly accelerate the construction process. Depending on our commitment and amount of donations, we can walk the first little patients into this state-of-the-art complex in just a couple of years.

The Cardiac
and Critical Care Complex

The Cardiac and Critical Care Complex is a twelve storey hospital wing which will be built on Lady Ridgeway Hospital grounds in Colombo

The building will feature cardiac operating theatres and it will increase the number of cardiac ICU beds from 18 to 40, include over 100 medical and neonatal intensive care beds, as well as the areas for advanced cardiac investigations and staff training facilities to provide optimum care for all children.

According to Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau, the estimated cost of this project is Rs. 5.7bn (For building and equipment).

Project Legitimacy

Nearly ten out of 1000 infants die before they reach their first birthday due to congenital heart disease (CHD) which is the main cause of infant deaths in Sri Lanka. However, with proper resources we can significantly reduce this number.

The long-overdue construction of LRH’s Cardiac and Critical Care Complex will not only help us rid of the main cause of infant mortality in the country, but it will also save thousands of families who sacrifice all to provide their critically ill children with proper and TIMELY care.

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Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians

Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians (SLCP) is the apex professional body in child care in Sri Lanka. It is represented by the paediatricians from all districts of Sri Lanka.

These professionals have first-hand experiences and a profound understanding of the children’s healthcare needs nationwide. For that reason, when Little Hearts idea was presented at the council meeting, SLCP unanimously approved and supported the project.

SLCP is responsible for monitoring Little Hearts activities, as well as managing the funds raised by the campaigns.


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