Target: LKR 2 billion

Raised LKR 250 million

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LKR 109,300
LKR 1,670,000
Why They Donated:
Layantha Lakranda
To save Little Hearts
Samitha Disasekara
For save a life
Tharanganie Wimalasuruya
In memory of 2nd memorial of Mr. H.M Chandrasiri Nawarathne. H.M චන්ද්‍රසිරි නවරත්න මහතාගේ දෙවර්ෂපූර්ණය සිහිවීම පිණිස.
D S Senanayake Vidyalaya
To save Little Hearts
Lushan Jayasooriya
Donation Originally made by Lushan\'s Grandfather. We see about this Project on TV & felt we have wanted to do something about Our Children\'s future. Who knows maybe in the future we also need to require facilities from this Project. Anyway, this small Donation will be insured the good well-being & good health of children\'s in Sri Lanka.
Anuja Herath
save the little lives
IIT class of 2021
To save little hearts
kasun Lakshitha
May everyone have the strength to contribute to this noble cause.
Aryssa Ishtiyaaq
To make this great initiative come to light and help these little hearts 🙂
Charitha Gunasekara
As a gift to Akaya for her 2nd birthday
Kalinga Ariyarathna
Save life
H W D U Hapugoda Disha
To my little angel in heaven and to the birthday of the best brother in the world
Kevin Shayan
To save little hearts
Dimuthu Muthunayaka
This is my first income. I earned this from my tution classes. I donate this in memory of my deceased parents.
M.Kusumawathi and Y.Nihal
save the little lives
Kumudika Amarakoon
Being a human wanna support as much as I can.
Thilina Abeysuriya
Great cause.
Domestic Operations Department of Central Bank of Sri Lanka
To protect our Beautiful Little Hearts on behalf of Mother CBSL
Asanga Jayasundara
I wanted to join with this Great Project because I wanted to secure our future generation and save millions of lives.
Charitha Rajapakse
For my late mother Shirani Pathirana
Malini Ratnayake
To help save a kids life
Tharindu Tharaka Jayawardane
To give merits to Ms.Nandawathi Wijesinghe
Nishani Jayaratne
for my birthday
Shashika Kuranage
I wanted to join and save one of the little hearts in our country Sri Lanka??♥️♥️♥️
Thambaru Wijesekara
The worth of a life can\'t be measured, specially the happiness of the lil one\'s parents. Not a big donation but did the best because it matters!
Keerthi Bandara
Made this donation on behalf of our baby daughter Viduni Vihansa, who has passed away at LRH due to a congenital heart defect.
Thambaru Wijesekara
The worth of a life can\'t be measured, specially the happiness of the lil one\'s parents. Not a big donation but doing the best because it matters!
Baby Airshwanna Prasanna
For her first birthday
Himalee Arunatilaka
in celebration of my mother Sumana Weerasekera\'s birthday on 1st September.
Sajeewani Amarasinghe
To save little lives
Gateway College Dehiwala
The annual commerce day of Gateway College Dehiwala was organized by the business club on 6 th of February 2018, enlightened by the theme ‘Little Hands for Little Hearts’. It was organized in the form of a ‘Trade Fair’ where the students had the opportunity to set up their own stalls and trade. The objective of this fair was to give students an understanding about the social responsibility of businesses. In that light, students were encouraged to donate a percentage of profits from their stalls to raise the funds needed for the ‘Little Hearts’ project. Being so excited about this worthy cause, the students have set up more than 40 types of stalls including food, books, Live Gaming, Cakes, Face Painting, Photo Booths and etc. At the end, a total of Rs. 130,000 was received as the generous contributions from our students and was donated to ‘Little Hearts’. The ‘Commerce Fair’ was concluded by the distribution of awards to the best stalls. Our students learnt that “Business is not only for profit but also for nation building”.
Tharanga Amaranayake
For my late father Siril Bandula Amaranayake