Target: LKR 2 billion

Raised LKR 250 million

TEAM Serendib
9 Donors
LKR 71,142 Donated
List of Donors
  • Serendib Roleplay
  • Howling Husky Records
  • Nuwan Gamage
  • Dilan Lakshitha
  • Samitha
  • Hashi Fernandez
  • Akash Rajapaksha
  • Tharusha Navodya
  • Savida
Why They Donated:
We are a gaming community based in Sri Lanka with few sponsors from other countries. We as a group have decided to donate 50% from the income we generate through our gaming community. We have partnered up with Howling Husky Records, a private music production organization based in Sri Lanka to take part in this good will. - Serendib Roleplay