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Donation Methods:

Donate in USD
  • Make a donation to:
  • Bank: Sampath Bank
  • Bank Code: 7278
  • Account Name: Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians – Little Hearts Project
  • Account Number: 500410008028
  • Branch: Borella
  • Branch Code: 004
  • Swift Code: BSAMLKLX

Please note that the Sampath bank account mentioned above only accepts payments in USD. If you wish to donate in LKR, please use the BOC bank account provided below.
Donate in LKR
  • Make a donation to:
  • Bank: Bank of Ceylon
  • Bank Code: 7010
  • Account Name: Little Hearts
  • Account Number: 79738633
  • Branch: Borella Supergrade Branch
  • Branch Code: 038
  • Swift Code: BCEYLKLX
  • Account Type: Current Account